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Unicorn Throw Pillow Covers

Updated: Jan 28

I must admit, shopping for unicorn themed throw pillows has been a lot of fun. It was especially fun when including cases and covers for different looks. When buying throw pillowcases, the only rule is to buy the insert 2 sizes larger than the case. With the exception of lumbar pillows that are typically 12 x 20, you can fill them with a 12 x 20 insert. Most of our cases are 16 x 16, with some 18 x 18 for chic and glam looks.

After much back and forth, here are some of the unicorn throw pillowcases we adore, and some we added to our collection.


Add a Little Sparkle


We love this throw pillow cover mostly because of the cute unicorn profile and the hot pink flower that really pops. The cover size is 16 x 16. It was easy to stuff with the 18 x 18 pillow insert. The zipper is nicely hidden on the side. My 2 year old loves it!

Your child will always remember their Epic Sleepover with this customize this sequin pillow cover. Customize with a name or a cute saying like "Dream Big" or "Move Mountains" but be careful, they only allow for 25 characters. This pillow is a cute keepsake. This cover is also 16 x 16.


Throw in Some Texture


We love these hot pink throw pillow covers! They are perfect to add color and texture. They come in a set of 4 and are 17 x 17. We used 18 x 18 inserts and they filled beautifully. These are great accent pillows.

Blush pink faux fur accent throw pillow covers. This lumber pillow These covers are very cute, soft, and come in a pack of 2. They come in lumber and square pillow sizes starting at 18 x 18. They also come in black, white, and neutral gray shades.


Don't Forget The Solids and Inserts


Solid color assorted throw pillow covers. These covers are currently on Amazon for 16 x 16 covers. They have a slight sheen and a covered zipper. Be careful with the zipper once the insert is in the pillow. It didn't break but it's a little flimsy to close but worth the price. We will definitely go up a size to 18 x 18 for these solid covers, with a 20 x 20 insert. We love the light purple pillow cover which a kind of hard to come by.

These Foamily throw pillow inserts come in a set of 4. They need 24 hours to fully expand once opened. To be sure to fill the pillowcase corner to corner, be sure to use an insert that is 2 sizes bigger than the cover.

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ella harry
ella harry
Nov 18, 2020

My gosh, these pillows are amazing no doubt, and best for a baby girl, I got hot pink pillow covers for my room from but now I am thinking to buy frozen covers from your store for my daughter. I am sure she will also like it.

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