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Oh My Gosh,

We're Franchising!


Sometimes things happen fast and I'm beyond excited to grow and help people run their own Epic Sleepover Franchise.

Starting this business on my own was a journey but I would have been so happy to have had help along the way. 

Are you interested in starting a part-time hustle that can turn into a full-time gig? If you'd enjoy creating unforgettable glamping experiences for families in your hometown, we're looking for you.


Be one of the first to join us as we branch out in the world. Well, in the U.S. to start. 


Let's build an empire, one Epic Sleepover at a time :)

Interested in an Epic Sleepover Franchise?
Please fill out the form below to receive your franchise application. Territories are limited. Thank you for your interest.

Thanks for submitting!

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