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How to: Create an Epic Sleepover at Home (Purple and Pink)

Updated: Jan 28

At Epic Sleepover, we are endlessly inspired by sleepover party ideas on Pinterest so we decided to start an "Inspired by Pinterest", series. We will find items online to re-create amazing pins, including pins with the most impressions on our very own Pinterest boards. In the spirit of DIY, we also want to jump-start your research by including pricing and links to items you'll need to create this sleepover look.

Credited to Dream & Party in Old Greenwich, CT.


Endlessly inspired by sleepover party ideas on Pinterest


Ok! Let's price out this pretty teepee set-up

L-E-T-S G-O, Let's go! What do we need?

The Basics

  • Kids Teepee Tent $60 Amazon

  • Lavender Faux Fur Heart Shaped Pillow $20 Amazon

  • White Faux Sheepskin Shag Area Rug 3' x 5' $28 Amazon

  • Mattress. If you don't want to make a comfy pallet on the floor with a bunch of blankets, try a twin size, low-cost blow-up mattress. It does not come with a pump. Walmart $16

  • Comfy pom-pom throw blanket Amazon $21

Accessories (having multiple guests?)

  • Small hanging 4"x6" chalkboard Amazon $13 (for a pack of 3)

  • Flower garland & teepee dressing (check local dollar store) or Amazon $21 for 5.4FT (165cm) per vine

  • Vintage purple & pink pennant flags Amazon $9

  • 12 pack of fairy lights Amazon $16

  • JUST FOR FUN Pink and Purple balloon garland kit!! Amazon $13

(Note: Pricing updated/published on 01/28/2024; prices may vary beyond this date)


Challenge: Would you add anything? Leave a comment below.


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Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, this post contains affiliate links which means I may earn from qualified purchases made through our links. Thank you for your support.

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Ideas are amazing for room decoration and best for baby girls, but I don't have a daughter I have two sons, but I am thinking to change the color theme as I put I their room everything blue, I saw these tents in a different color on well after decorating my boy's room I will show you pics.

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