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How to Plan an Epic Sleepover

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Every child should experience a fun sleepover with their friends at least once in their life. It is an unforgettable experience that can create cherished memories for years to come.

You might already know that you want to host an amazing sleepover for your child but where do you start? Epic Sleepover can help! We’re here with tips to help you plan an ultimate sleepover with little fuss and a lot of success!

How to Plan an Epic Sleepover

When looking to plan the ultimate sleepover, Epic Sleepover is here for you. We can help make your child’s sleepover a success from start to finish. What goes into planning an ultimate sleepover? Take a look at our 5-step strategy below.

1. Plan in Advance

The best parties are planned in advance and that includes sleepovers. It’s ideal to plan your child’s sleepover at least 4 weeks to 2 - 3 months in advance (for birthday's or special occasions). This gives you time to plan and your guests time to clear their calendar and get excited. While last-minute sleepovers can also be a success, when you book with Epic Sleepover, we’ll need time to plan a unique ultimate sleepover experience.

2. Create a Theme

To plan the ultimate sleepover, it is essential to pick a theme! Think about what your child loves and try to plan a theme around that. When you book with Epic Sleepover, we can help you choose theme that best suits your child. Inspired by ultimate sleepovers across the world, Epic Sleepover can help plan themes including a glamping tent party, spa party, superheroes, dance party, glow party, gamer’s paradise, master brick builder, baking contests, and more! Check out our Pinterest boards for additional theme inspiration.

3. Make and Send out Invitations

For a successful sleepover, you need a great group of friends! Have your child select their BFF and other close friends. Then, make and send out invitations around 3 weeks in advance so everyone can plan to come. Handmade invitations created by your child is a great touch. Otherwise, the web is full of sleepover invite templates to enjoy.

We started the search for you here.

4. Plan Activities and Food Choices

Once you have your date set, theme planned, and invites sent out, it’s time to focus on keeping everyone entertained. Plan activities that are fun, engaging, and exciting for the children to participate in. This can include party games, crafts, video games, and more. Don’t forget to make sure none of your guests have any food allergies. You’ll need to plan out dinner, drinks, and some late-night snacks that everyone can indulge in. Also plan to have extra toothbrushes and face towels just in case.

Check out our Pinterest board for sleepover food ideas.

5. Create a Comfortable Space

Finally, it’s important to create a comfortable space for your child and guests. A large room such as the living room or loft works perfectly. Having a central space where everyone can interact, eat snacks, play games, and have fun is essential. So move over the sofa and love seat to make room for an ultimate sleepover. If you are in Wesley Chapel, FL or surrounding areas, Epic Sleepover is here to help.

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