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The Top Slumber Party Themes from Around the World

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Having a slumber party with friends is a cherished memory in childhood we never forget. It can be confidence-building and help your child create bonds that last a lifetime. That’s why children across the world participate in slumber parties.

Slumber parties can build confidence and help your child create bonds that last a lifetime

Did you know each country has a favorite theme? At Epic Sleepover, we love to research all of the top slumber party themes from around the world. It helps bring us inspiration and more creative ideas that we can extend to you and your children. Keep reading to find a shortlist of our favorites below.

Slumber Party Themes from Around the World

Children from around the world love to get together and have slumber parties. Even though you can find numerous themes throughout each country, certain regions of the world have gone above and beyond displaying their love for the slumber party themes below.

Indoor Glamping/Teepee Slumber Party Theme – Popular in Australia

Glamping is a luxurious form of camping. The name itself explains the entire idea behind this theme – glam + camping = glamping. This slumber party theme is currently all the rage in Australia. It can take your children outside into beautiful mother nature or indoors while still maintaining all the comforts they know and love.

Chef/Baking Contest Party Theme – Popular in the United Kingdom

The most popular slumber party theme in the United Kingdom is little chef parties or baking contest themed slumber parties. Some might argue this is due to the massive success of such shows as The Great British Bake Off. Either way, these little tykes enjoy dressing up in chef outfits and cooking food with their friends.

Superhero & Princess Party Theme – Popular in the United States

While camping is a close second in the United States, superhero and princess slumber party themes come out as the clear winner. Children in the United States like to dress up as popular superhero characters or Disney princesses and have a whole party planned around it. This includes matching games, activities, snacks, and decorations

Makeover Party Theme – Popular in Japan

What little girl doesn’t love a makeover party? The children in Japan definitely do! This top slumber party theme involves providing boxes of wigs, play clothes, and makeup that your child and their friends can dress up in. Popular themed activities include individual makeovers, fashion shows, and photoshoots!

What Slumber Party Theme Do You Want to Try?

Are you interested in trying one of the top slumber party themes from around the world for your child? Which one do you think your child would enjoy most? Let us know down in the comments!

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