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Matching Sleepover Pajama Sets: Thank You For Coming!

Updated: Jan 28

Matching Sleepover Pajama sets
Matching Sets

At Epic Sleepover, we love matching sleepover pajama sets! It's a great way to show your friends you appreciate them celebrating with you. Sleepover pajama sets are also a great parting gift so they'll never forget your Epic Sleepover. Here are some sets we found to get you started!

Sleepover PJ's

These popular options are cute and comfy. Matching sleepover pajamas come in a variety of colors and styles to match the theme of your party. The girls will feel super fancy in these sleepover pj's.

Classic cotton button-down sleepover pajamas.

Colorful Sleepover Squad tie-dye pajamas.

Girl's light purple, satin, sleepover pajamas.


Show your friends you appreciate them celebrating with you


Let's not forget about matching pajamas for boy sleepovers. I must confess, I don't think I've had a boy sleepover where they had matching pj's, but if it were to happen, here are some viable options.

Boys sleepover buffalo print pajamas.

Boys sleepover tie-dye pajamas.

Boys sleepover camo pajamas.

(Note: Pricing was published on 6/13/2023; prices may vary beyond this date)


Have you had a sleepover recently?

Share a picture of your matching Sleepover Squad or Leave a comment below.


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